TrailSport Tough: The 2024 Honda Pilot TrailSport Tackles the 2023 Rebelle Rally

© Mercedes Lilienthal© Mercedes Lilienthal
Team Nor Wester Tackles the 2023 Rebelle Rally
Team Nor’Wester #211, the author’s team, isn’t a stranger to multi-day rallies or time-speed-distance (TSD) competitions. The pair just completed the 2023 Rebelle Rally, a 1,300+ mile-long off-road traditional navigation competition, partnering with America Honda Motor Company, Inc., to drive a bone stock 2024 Pilot TrailSport SUV across the finish line. Oregon-based freelance journalist/photographer and this article’s author, Mercedes Lilienthal, has competed in several automotive endurance rallies, including multiple Rebelle Rally competitions, winter and summer Arctic Alcan 5000 Rally events (the longest on-road rally in North America), the Great Race vintage car rally, and local TSDs. Seasoned navigator Emily Winslow lives near Seattle. She’s competed in multiple Rebelle Rally events as well as the NW Rally Council’s TSD Friday Nighters evening rallies for the past six years. Winslow and her husband are helping the organization expand its presence. She appreciates the sport’s accessibility.

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