Top Concept Cars

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The Bold and the Beautiful
Auto shows can be very exciting — experiencing all the shiny new production cars under one roof is a rush, although concept cars grab most of the attention. Often conceived without safety systems, emission controls or other mass-production requirements, concept cars allow designers to color outside the lines and engineers to stretch their minds, fueling our fantasies about what cars could be. That said, some concepts look like they could hit the highway tomorrow with little alteration, while others are so advanced or unique there’s no way we’ll see them on the road anytime soon. Let’s look at the latest concept cars making the rounds at auto shows in 2015 — and what their future holds.

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5 thoughts on “Top Concept Cars

  1. I liked all of them. They were absolutely beautiful! Making it to production in my opinion would be the Nissan NISMO 370Z and the maybe the Infiniti Q60. I’m not favoring Nissan I am just following the brands logical path.

  2. Best car of the group and most likely to make it to production is the Maserati. As a tow company operator and driver, I can tell you one of the most inconvenient problems of today’s car is that they have no tow hooks or body holes for the tow trucks to load them onto. The suspensions on these cars today are like pixie sticks and bend or break easily. If any of these car makers builds any of these cars, please…PUT TOW HOOKS ON THE BOTTOM! BTW, the chick in the Volvo lounge concept would be a retard to drive that way in a car if it were real life. Can you imagine what here legs would look like after a front end crash or roll over?

  3. Wow! It doesn’t matter if those cars will never make it to the highway. They are gorgeous! Real works of art.

  4. Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept, Build it and they will come!!!! Must have good gas Mileage, with plenty of Power, turbo, or supercharger!!!! I’ll place my Order Now !!!! trucks need some flare and style, tired of a box with wheels.

    This Concept is stylish !! just have good gas mileage and power and it will sell.

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