Top Concept Cars of 2016

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Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active
The innovative powertrain in the Tiguan concept features a turbocharged direct-injection gasoline engine with two electric motors — one on the front axle, one on the rear. In normal driving situations, the Tiguan GTE Active can run in electric-only mode, utilizing both electric motors when 4WD is needed. Tiguan can travel up to 20 miles without burning any gasoline; with a full charge and a full tank of fuel, the GTE Active boasts a range of 580 miles. The new Tiguan is slated to go on sale in Europe this spring, with a long-wheelbase version coming to the U.S. shortly after the European launch.
Future Plans: Although this concept features some special off-road styling and equipment, underneath all of that is the next version of the Tiguan. We don’t expect to see a plug-in hybrid version at introduction; however, it isn’t much of a stretch to see the high-tech powertrain making its way into the lineup soon.

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