Top Concept Cars of 2016

© Rod Hatfield, TheNowDevice© Rod Hatfield, TheNowDevice
Nissan Titan Warrior
Designers had just as much fun creating the Warrior’s interior as they did the exterior. Seats are swathed in a carbon-colored high-strength seat fabric trimmed with “Magma” orange accents. The interior gets trimmed in carbon fiber, polished chrome and leather with accented Magma orange stitching as well. Other interior features include unique hot-and-cold drink containers integrated into the center console, and robust auxiliary toggle switches integrated into the center stack for additional off-road accessories.
Future Plans: Initially Nissan said they had no plans to build a vehicle like this; however, the custom truck has been very well received by show attendees and the press, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a special edition Titan similar to the Warrior at some point.

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