Top 12 Tuner Cars of the 21st Century

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Nissan 350Z / 370Z
Forget the ‘90s — the Z-car debuted in 1970. Whether it’s the 350Z or 370Z, Nissan’s highly touted VQ V6 produces an intoxicating blend of power and reliability. The first two years of the Z generate 287 horsepower. In 2005 manual-equipped cars got a bump to 300 horses. In 2007 Nissan dropped the 306-horsepower VQ35HR “Rev Up” engine under the hood. In 2007 the Z changed gears, becoming the 370Z powered by the 332-horsepower VQ37DE V6. No matter the variant, there are tons of forced induction kits for the V6, street and racing suspension upgrades, as well as crazy-wide body aero kits.

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