Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in the U.S.

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America’s Most Wanted — By Car Thieves
The National Insurance Crime Bureau recently released new findings on the most stolen cars in America. The annual “Hot Wheels” report analyzes vehicle theft data submitted to the NICB by law enforcement agencies from around the country. According to the NICB, during 2015 there were more than 700,000 vehicles stolen in the U.S. “While older vehicles still dominate our Hot Wheels most stolen list, the number of late model vehicles with anti-theft protection on the list goes to show that technology isn’t foolproof,” said NICB President and CEO Joe Wehrle. “Criminals are doing their best to defeat anti-theft technology through hacking and other means while, at the same time, manufacturers and others are working to improve security.” The NICB recommends car owners practice good common sense including always locking the vehicle, having a theft warning device or app, as well as immobilizing or tracking solutions. It’s no surprise that the list of most stolen vehicles is a close reflection of the best-selling vehicles in America. Click on for a countdown of the top 10 vehicles stolen in the U.S. during 2015.

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