Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicles of 2015

Chevrolet Spark EVFuel Efficient
As automakers develop more alternative-fuel vehicles possessing greater technological prowess, the fuel economy of new vehicles continues to improve. For 2015, seven of the top 10 fuel-efficient vehicles get a combined US Environmental Protection Agency rating of more than 100 MPG. Let’s count down the 10 most fuel-thrifty production cars according to their combined EPA MPG ratings.
*Annual fuel cost estimate based on 55% city /45% highway driving, 15,000 annual miles and current average fuel prices. Electric vehicles ranked by Miles Per Gallon equivalent (MPGe): 33.7 kW-hrs = 1 gallon of gas. Plug-in hybrids ranked by combined gas/electricity rating.

2014 Cadillac ELR10. Cadillac ELR
MSRP: $75,000 – $82,135
Type: plug-in hybrid
Engine/Motor: 1.4 liter, 4 cylinder / 126 kW 3-Phase AC
MPG (city/hwy/combined): 54 / 55 / 54
Annual fuel cost: electricity + gas = $950*
This flashy coupe is priced a cool $40K over the Chevrolet Volt from which it is derived. That steep price puts the ELR in Tesla Model S territory.

Toyota_Prius_Plugin_9. Toyota Prius plug-in
MSRP: $29,990 – $34,905
Type: plug-in hybrid
Engine: 1.8 liter, 4 cylinder / 18 kW AC Induction
MPG (city/hwy/combined): 59 / 56/ 58
Annual fuel cost: electricity + gas = $750*
As longtime leader of the hybrid movement, Toyota’s plug-in lives up to the Prius name in reliability and design. However, the plug-in’s fully-electric mode is rather limited to 15 miles at 62 mph.

Chevrolet Volt8. Chevrolet Volt
MSRP: $34,345
Type: plug-in hybrid
Engine/Motor: 1.4 liter, 4 cylinder / 111 kW 3-Phase AC
MPG (city/hwy/combined): 63 /61 / 62
Annual fuel cost: electricity + gas = $800*
This high-volume plug-in electric car from General Motors is a winner, both technologically and with consumers in the form of the highest satisfaction ratings of any car in GM’s history.

2015 Soul EV7. Kia Soul Electric
MSRP: $33,700 – $35,700
Type: electric
Motor: 43 kW AC PMSM
MPG (city/hwy/combined): 120 / 92 / 105
Annual fuel cost: electricity = $600
Despite this EV’s hefty weight gain due to the battery pack, it remains fairly nimble and fun. The funky Soul is currently sold in California only; sales in other states will begin in 2015.

smart electric drive6.  smart fortwo EV coupe
MSRP: $25,000
Type: electric
Motor: 55 kW DCPM
MPG (city/hwy/combined): 122 / 93 / 107
Annual fuel cost: electricity = $550
For those living in urban environs, it’s easy to understand the appeal of this diminutive vehicle. That said, the fortwo takes about 6 hours to reach full charge on a 240-volt system, which is a long time.

smart fortwo Cabriolet5. smart fortwo EV cabriolet
MSRP: $28,000
Type: electric
Motor: 55 kW DCPM
MPG (city/hwy/combined): 122 / 93 / 107
Annual fuel cost: electricity = $550
The open-top version of this funky runabout has the same EPA fuel economy ratings as the cozy coupe. Horsepower is rated at 47, but a boost mode allows power to bump to 74 ponies for short stints.

2015 Nissan LEAF4. Nissan Leaf
MSRP: $29,010 – $35,120
Type: electric
Motor: 80 kW DCPM
MPG (city/hwy/combined):126 / 101 / 114
Annual fuel cost: electricity = $550
A favorite of corporate eco-fleets, the Leaf EV is a stalwart performer and well on its way to being the best-selling EV ever. Changes to the battery for 2015 are said to improve hot-climate capacity loss.

Volkswagen e-Golf3. Volkswagen e-Golf
MSRP: $35,445
Type: electric
Motor: 85 kW AC PMSM
MPG (city/hwy/combined): 126 / 105 / 116
Annual fuel cost: electricity = $550
Volkswagen says the e-Golf can hit 60 mph in a little over 10 seconds, but it feels faster with the instantly-available torque. Unfortunately the e-Golf will be initially limited to states with EV-friendly regs and infrastructure.

2015 Fiat 500e2. Fiat 500e
MSRP: $31,800
Type: electric
Motor: 82 kW AC Induction
MPG (city/hwy/combined): 122 / 108 / 116
Annual fuel cost: electricity = $550
Quicker than the gas-engine Fiat 500, the 500e is a blast to around the city. That said, the battery renders the rear seat virtually unusable.  Initial availability in Oregon and California only.

Chevrolet Spark EV1. Chevrolet Spark EV
MSRP: $26,820–$27,210
Type: electric
Motor: 104 kW ACPM
MPG (city/hwy/combined): 128 / 109 / 119
Annual fuel cost: electricity = $500
The Spark EV provides an energetic ride although it takes a long time to charge, even at 240 volts. Like the Fiat 500e, the Chevy Spark EV is only available in Oregon and California.

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