Today’s Hypercars — Pinnacle of Automotive Performance

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2022 Hennessey Venom F5
The Hennessey name has been long associated with making cars — and trucks — go faster. Throughout its history, the American tuner has upped the performance on an array of vehicles ranging from sports cars to SUVs. Now Hennessey Performance builds its own vehicle from the ground up. Called the Venom F5, this monstrously powerful lightweight hypercar is designed for extreme performance. The F5 features a new chassis and a carbon fiber body shaped to have the least possible drag. The sleek silhouette of the Venom F5 is most noticeable from the side, where it sits as low as 3 inches off the ground. (Ride height can be automatically adjusted to navigate driveway aprons, speed bumps and other obstacles.) The F5’s drag coefficient is.39 Cd, and it has a dry weight of 2,998 pounds.

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