Teardrop and Tiny Trailers Starting Less Than $30,000

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Made in the USA: A Trailering Trade
The popularity of RVing and budget travel remains strong, and demand for unique teardrop and tiny trailers continues to grow at a rapid rate. Today a surprising number of American businesses — both small and large — manufacture high-quality travel trailers so folks can feel a sense of pride when they buy a product made in the USA from a local company. By no means an exhaustive list, read on for details about some amazing teardrop and tiny trailers made in the USA today — all with starting prices less than $30,000.

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Aero Teardrops
Portland, Oregon
Steel 5 x 10: Starts at $16,999
A small company on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, Aero Teardrops builds lightweight, affordable handcrafted trailers. The company offers three models of differing sizes and price points, and with as many standard features as possible there’s a limited number of options, so buyers have less chance of extending beyond their budgets. With a decidedly retro design, Aero Teardrops have a look of sturdy, solid comfort. Now Aero Teardrops offers roof-rack tent options for groups of more than two adults.

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