The ‘Vette Set: Inside the National Corvette Museum

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Preserved Since 1954
Richard Sampson of Brunswick, Maine, bought a brand-new Corvette in 1954. After driving the car for some years, he acknowledged that his wife did not enjoy riding with him in the car, so he no longer wanted to drive it. Rather than sell the car, Sampson had it entombed during construction of one of his new grocery stores, with instructions in his will stating that the car could not be disturbed until 2000. He removed that stipulation shortly before his death in 1969, and in 1986 Sampson’s daughter had the car removed to her home to Daytona Beach, Florida, where she kept the car in her living room for 10 years. This car is now on display at the Corvette museum, remaining exactly as it was when removed from the tomb.

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