The Taming of the Turbo

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Ford Mustang EcoBoost
Starting MSRP: $26,195
In the Mustang, Ford uses its EcoBoost technology as a double-edged sword . . . part power, part efficiency. With its 2.3-liter 310-horsepower 4-cylinder powerplant, the Mustang EcoBoost is an upgraded, midline model — not the line-topping V8-powered GT. The four-banger dominates the 3.7-liter V6 offered in the base Mustang by 30 horsepower, while also outperforming it at the pump with an EPA-estimated 21 mpg city / 32 mpg highway versus 18 mpg city / 27 mpg highway. This is the beauty of Ford positioning its EcoBoost turbo technology: It can be used for fuel-efficient brute force as in the 350-horsepower Focus RS; to create a more efficient SUV a la the Explorer; or a combination of the two as in the Mustang EcoBoost. But you must pay to play . . . the EcoBoost Mustang costs $7,000 more than the base V6.

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