The Taming of the Turbo

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Porsche 718 Boxster
Starting MSRP: $56,000
Porsche has enthusiastically embraced the turbo in recent years, and it’s a feel-good story with a “goodbye six, hello boosted four” plotline. The Stuttgart-based automaker revamped its entire range of Boxster motors with the introduction of the 718 in 2017. The base 718 Boxster went from a naturally-aspirated boxer six rated at 265 horsepower to a more-efficient turbocharged 2.0-liter boxer four that generates 300 horsepower — a 35-horse jump. The top-of-the-line S trim transitioned from a 315-horsepower 3.4-liter boxer six to a 2.5-liter turbo boxer four with 350 horsepower on tap. Purists will harken back to days of the distinctive flat six rumble, while rebels will turn a deaf ear and look to the improved power and its jackrabbit potential.

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