The SUV Alternative: Full-Size Sedans

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Tesla Model S
All-wheel-drive versions of the Model S have two 193 kW motors — one for each axle with four battery choices: a 60 kWh (218-mile range), a 75 kWh (259-mile range), a 90 kWh (294-mile range) and a 100 kWh (335-mile range). The Model S 90D receives the highest EPA rating at 102 MPGe city / 107 MPGe hwy / 104 MPGe combined. High-performance all-wheel-drive versions use the 193kW motor for the front axle and a 375 kW for the rear, with either a 90 kWh or a 100-kWh battery. Model S P100D will accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds.

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