The Cult of MINI: Drive Happy

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Fun Driver
The Cooper S is a blast to drive – the quick, agile handling always puts a smile on the face when the road gets curvy. The additional rear doors make the car quite versatile, and the cargo area had enough space for our two suitcases and a backpack. For a long road trip such as this rally, the seats are impressively comfortable. We spent about 12 hours behind the wheel over two days and never got stiff or fatigued — the MINI is an excellent road-trip car.

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  1. I see WINI-FiED .. but you can call her WINE-IFiED if you like 🙂 Love the article and glad you were able to join us in a “borrowed” MINI .. now you’re hooked and will want your own MINI for 2020 .. just think, you’ve gotten a lot of creative ideas for how to personalize your own!

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