The Cult of MINI: Drive Happy

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MINI Takes the States
In no place is this kinship among MINI owners clearer than at a biennial event called MINI Takes the States. These gatherings draw MINI loyalists from all areas of the country. Sponsored by MINI USA, this themed road rally / celebration has taken place every two years since 2006. The first event was a cross-country trek from Monterey, California, to Lakeville, Connecticut, which took 15 days. Each event since has had slightly different routes and plans, but the general idea is to gather MINI owners to celebrate the vehicles they truly love.

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  1. I see WINI-FiED .. but you can call her WINE-IFiED if you like 🙂 Love the article and glad you were able to join us in a “borrowed” MINI .. now you’re hooked and will want your own MINI for 2020 .. just think, you’ve gotten a lot of creative ideas for how to personalize your own!

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