The Cars of Bond, James Bond

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1977 Lotus Esprit S1 “Wet Nellie”
As an armed helicopter continues the chase, Bond drives the Lotus Esprit off a pier into the water, wryly asking Major Amasova “can you swim?” As the car settles into the water, the wheels retract, stabilizing fins deploy and the car’s controls convert to that of a submarine. A missile launcher activated by a button on the gearshift takes care of the helicopter, and after a short cruise underwater where Bond uses the car’s harpoon launchers (and the Major an inky slick) to take care of underwater pursuers, the Lotus drives out of the water onto the pristine sands of Sardinia, startling beachgoers as Bond lowers the window and drops a fish out of the cabin. A highlight of the Petersen exhibit, this is one of seven submersibles built for filming.

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