The 1000-Horsepower Club

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How Much Is Too Much?
When it comes to horsepower in a road-going automobile, how much is too much? Some believe a car could never have too much horsepower, and it seems a growing number of car companies would agree. Even as car shoppers the world over seek more fuel-efficient rides (and automakers work diligently to deliver those fuel-thrifty cars), there are at least a dozen new sports cars that boast more than 1000 horsepower. One thousand. The powertrains required to generate that kind of output range from large V8s to hybrids to full electric systems. What follows are the current crop and forthcoming flock of road-legal machines that make up the 1000-Horsepower Club. Note that several tuning companies will upgrade vehicles to this level of power — and beyond. However, the vehicles listed here all come with at least 1000 horsepower directly from the manufacturer.

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