Stunning Concept Cars of 2021

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
Kia Concept EV9
Shortly after the launch of Kia’s EV6 electric car, at the L.A. Auto Show the Korea-based automaker revealed what might be up next: the Concept EV9. Like the EV6, this eye-catching concept is a dedicated electric vehicle built on the Hyundai Motor Group’s Electric Global Modular Platform. The large family-size SUV features bold styling that looks a bit like the Kia Soul, but on a much larger scale. Kia says the front of the Concept EV9 has what the automaker calls a Digital Tiger Face, with headlights that remain hidden until use. The “face” provides a “welcome light” when the driver approaches, and also incorporates unique vertical daytime running lights. A hood duct helps improve aerodynamics, as do retractable roof rails.

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