Sportiest Utility Vehicles

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Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR
Starting MSRP: $111,350
Not many SUVs get flogged on Germany’s famed Nurburgring race track. Meet one in the form of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR. As a testament to its sportier nature, this Brit posted a lap of 8 minutes 14 seconds. To put the achievement in perspective, the official Top 100 list of Nordschleife hot-lappers cuts off at 7 minutes 56 seconds . . . this SVR gets it done. The Range Rover’s 5.0-liter 550-horsepower supercharged V8 uses the company’s Terrain Response 2 system to optimize transmission, suspension and traction settings to match a variety of on- and off-road conditions. The system can be driver controlled via six settings, including Automatic; Dynamic; Rock Crawl; Grass, Gravel and Snow; Mud and Ruts; or Sand. Don’t snicker at the ruts and sand settings . . . the SVR won Four Wheeler magazine’s “Four Wheeler of the Year” award in 2016.

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