Small Yet Safe 2017

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Lexus CT 200h
Top Safety Pick
Front Crash Prevention: Advanced (3 points)
The first hybrid-only model in the Lexus lineup, the CT 200h has more than a high-tech powertrain — it features a number of innovative safety features. Most noteworthy is the optional Pre-Collision System with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Using millimeter-wave radar to measure distance from a vehicle traveling ahead, the system will maintain a set distance behind the leading vehicle. PCS goes a step further, detecting certain obstacles in front of the car and alerting the driver while activating Brake Assist. The system does not apply brakes automatically until 2 seconds before a collision — lessening, but not avoiding, the impact — which is why the CT 200h scored three out of a possible six points. The CT 200h was a Top Safety Pick+ in 2016, but a “poor” rating for headlights prevented the luxury hybrid from becoming a repeat winner.
Additional Costs: The Pre-Collision System is a standalone option priced at $1,500.

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