Small Yet Safe 2017

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Volkswagen Golf
Top Safety Pick
Front Crash Prevention: Advanced (3 points)
Volkswagen upgraded the safety systems in the 2016 Golf by offering Autonomous Emergency Braking along with Forward Collision Warning. Forward Collision Warning alerts the driver to potential front-end collisions — both audibly and visually at speeds above 19 mph — and, if necessary, engages the brakes to slow the vehicle. Even if the driver engages the brakes, the system will increase braking pressure automatically to aid in slowing or stopping the vehicle. Although the system is not designed to completely avoid impacts at high speeds, the Golf’s speed was reduced by 10 mph in the 12 mph IIHS Low-speed Autobrake test.
Additional Costs: Autonomous Emergency Braking is available in the Driver Assistance Package on the Golf SE or SEL for $1,495.

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