Small Yet Safe 2017

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Subaru WRX
Top Safety Pick
Front Crash Prevention: Superior (6 points)
With the WRX, Subaru offers excellent performance in a very safe package. Motivated by a 268-horsepower engine, the WRX features full-time all-wheel drive, a standard feature of every Subaru except the BRZ. The Japanese automaker made Eyesight available on the WRX for the 2016 model year — but only on the top-level Limited trim. As with the other Subarus on this list, the WRX Limited is also available with Blind-Spot detection as well as Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. The WRX is downgraded to Top Safety Pick due to the new headlight requirements — the WRX’s headlights received a “marginal” rating.
Additional Costs: Eyesight is available on the WRX Limited, priced at $3,795.

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