SEMA 2019: Cars and Trucks Gone Wild

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
1968 Ford Bronco by Jay Leno
At this year’s SEMA show, comedian Jay Leno was on hand to tell the story of this 1968 Ford Bronco. The junked Bronco was gifted to Leno by fellow comedian and late-night TV host Craig Ferguson as a joke on Leno’s last taping of The Tonight Show — deposited in Leno’s personal parking space on the studio lot. At the time the Bronco was a complete wreck (thus the joke), but Leno knew how desirable these classic Broncos are. After sitting unrestored, the Bronco underwent a long restoration and customization process under the guidance of Leno, who worked with Ford Performance and SEMA Garage to create this sleeper of a classic Bronco. We call it a sleeper because — from the outside — this looks like a painstakingly-restored Bronco, but nothing more.

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