SEMA 2017: 12 Wild Tuner Cars

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Chris Forsberg 1975 Datsun 240ZG
Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg built this gem. The “G” in 240ZG stands for G-Nose, a front-end treatment that Datsun used on a few select cars to qualify for Group 4 racing in the early 1970s. The Aero Dyna nose deletes the bumper and includes lenses that cover the headlight openings — all in the name of improved aerodynamics. The ZG package also featured rivet-mounted fender flares and fender-mounted rearview mirrors. Forsberg installed a Carbon Signal ZG body kit crafted in carbon fiber. Techno Toy Tuning, a company known for making modern engine and suspension parts for old-school imports, was tapped for all the footwork, including a coilover suspension. This old-timer is powered by a Nissan RB25DET inline-six engine that has been boosted to the stratosphere.

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