Rolls-Royce Goes Electric With All-New Spectre

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Magic Carpet
Rolls-Royce automobiles are known for their smooth, comfortable ride in what the company refers to as a Magic Carpet Ride. Spectre gets new Planar suspension technology that will further improve the magic. With new hardware and components, the system reads the road surface ahead and compiles data from the navigation system to prepare the Spectre for upcoming curves or rough roads. On straight roads, the Spectre’s anti-roll bars are disconnected, which allows each wheel to act independently. However, as the vehicle approaches a curve the anti-roll bars reconnect, suspension damper stiffness increases, and the four-wheel steering system activates — all this occurs before the vehicle even reaches turn-in for the curve. Once in the corner, more than 18 sensors monitor steering, braking, power delivery and more to keep the Spectre perfectly stable and comfortable for its occupants.

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