Rollin’ to the Oldies: Cars in Song

© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience© Perry Stern, Automotive Content Experience
“My Ol’ Bronco” — Luke Bryan
The Bronco has been making news lately as Ford prepares to bring back its iconic 4X4, thanks in part to the collectability of the original models. Although the song is not an oldie, in 2015 country singer Luke Bryan wrote “My Ol ’Bronco” as an ode to his own 1972 yellow open-top Bronco, clearly explaining the vehicle’s appeal. “Ain’t no doors and no windows, just a roll bar and a radio / If it rains you’re gonna get wet / But that ol’ 302 ain’t let me down yet.” The song ends with a peaceful vision: “It was built for a day like this, a clear blue sky and a white sand kiss / It’s three on the tree and geared down for going slow / No I ain’t gonna ever let her go / My ol’ Bronco.”

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