Rollin’ to the Oldies: Cars in Song

“Viper King” — Dream Theater
The Dodge Viper was a beast of a car, boasting more than 600 horsepower before being discontinued a few years ago. Similar to many other cars in song no longer with us, the Viper lives lyrically on. The heavy metal band Dream Theater released “Viper King” in 2019, singing the praises of this ultimate muscle car. Clearly not an oldie, the song starts with “Venomous by design / Lying idle, biding time / Bore down the clutch, tore up the road / Six hundred horses, genetic code / Lightning speed, the road she bends / Slammed down the brakes, losing my a– end.” The Viper required a practiced hand at the wheel — as the song underscores: “Speed demon, tempting fate / Do or die, in the blink of an eye.”

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