Right-Sized Class B RVs: Airstream to Winnebago

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Right-Sized RVs
If you were born before the first moon walk — we’re talking the planet, not Michael Jackson — you probably remember custom vans of the 1970s: shag carpeting covering every interior surface (including a bed), far-out paint schemes on the exterior and the iconic bubble windows near the back. Well, we’re relieved to say that scene has changed dramatically — the custom van has gone much more upscale, and is now properly referred to as a motorhome — a Class B motorhome, to be precise. Class B RVs are built on large van chassis such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Dodge ProMaster. These smaller, right-sized units are more maneuverable and easier to park than larger RVs, but still provide all the amenities of home. Here’s a look at some excellent examples of Class B motorhomes — all quite a bit cooler than that 70’s van.

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