Land Rover Range Rover Sport: Review

Land Rover Range Rover Sport (c) Perry SternLand Rover Range Rover Sport (c) Perry Stern
Blend of Luxury, Performance and Capability
If you’re in the market for a luxury SUV, the new Range Rover Sport is a perfect blend of luxury, performance and off-road capability.  The less-expensive supercharged V6 will be more than adequate for most buyers’ needs, and the added fuel economy is definitely worthwhile. However, to get the full dynamic driving capability, the V8 is really the way to go. Sure, most owners will never take their Range Rover Sport off pavement aside from driving up on the curb in front of the neighborhood Starbucks, but now they can thoroughly enjoy pushing a Range Rover through winding roads without heading into the mud – knowing full well that it could handle the mud just fine.
Rating: 9.0
Bottom Line: Land Rover has built its reputation on building luxury SUVs that are fully capable off-road, and the Range Rover Sport keeps that reputation intact. But unlike previous Range Rovers, this one is absolutely brilliant on pavement as well providing an agile, spirited ride that’s a nice surprise for a large off-road SUV.
Outstanding handling
Excellent off-road capability
Attractive new styling
Stiff rear seat
Poor fuel economy
Can get expensive

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  1. I bought a new Range Rover Sport on 17.07.2009 and since then it has been off the road for 21 days so far with a tleribre vibration throughout the vehicle when driving over 50mph. The dealer has balanced the wheels several times and also tried a different set of wheels on the vehicle but none of these have sorted the problem. I cannot drive through the vibration either it gets worse the faster you go. Can anyone give me some pointers ?

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