Land Rover Range Rover Sport: Review

Land Rover Range Rover Sport (c) Perry SternLand Rover Range Rover Sport (c) Perry Stern
Range Rover Sport
With the wide range of vehicles in the SUV market, it’s not hard to find an SUV that offers sports-car like performance and handling. If you’re looking to head off the beaten path, there are also plenty of choices that can handle the toughest of terrains. But to have both those qualities in one vehicle is a challenge. Not surprisingly, Land Rover has met that challenge with the all-new Range Rover Sport. The next-generation SUV excels on both counts, able to push through almost three feet of water one moment, then exceed 150 mph in the next. These are just a few of the impressive feats we found this luxury SUV capable of in our two day drive through Wales.

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One thought on “Land Rover Range Rover Sport: Review

  1. I bought a new Range Rover Sport on 17.07.2009 and since then it has been off the road for 21 days so far with a tleribre vibration throughout the vehicle when driving over 50mph. The dealer has balanced the wheels several times and also tried a different set of wheels on the vehicle but none of these have sorted the problem. I cannot drive through the vibration either it gets worse the faster you go. Can anyone give me some pointers ?

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