2016 Fiat 500X: Review

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Crossover from Fiat
When Fiat made its big return to America in 2010, its only entry in the U.S. market wasn’t big at all — the tiny 500. For the 2014 model year, the company added the larger — and a little odd looking — 500L, but there’s good reason to believe that the 2016 500X will be the brand’s most successful model yet. Unlike the first two offerings, this small crossover was designed specifically for the North American market, and Fiat views the model as its halo car. The 500X is a 4-door hatchback with available all-wheel drive. Although it’s still a small car, it looks gigantic when parked next to the original 500. But the family resemblance is spot-on — the 500X is exactly the crossover you’d expect from Fiat.

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  1. I was wondering how you know if a “stiff ride” is due to the tires or the vehicle itself?? Just curious.

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