2015 Subaru Outback: Review

2015 Subaru Outback (c) Perry Stern2015 Subaru Outback (c) Perry Stern
Subaru Outback
Back in 1995 buyers who wanted off-road capability and good cargo space were limited to truck-based SUVs.  Then Subaru came to market with a special edition of its AWD Legacy Wagon called the Outback. Billed as a “sport-utility wagon,” it had raised ground clearance and SUV-like styling — and the crossover was born. Fast-forward twenty years and the Outback still shines in the now-crowded crossover segment. Still more wagon than SUV, the 2015 Outback gets more space, fresh styling, better fuel economy and a slew of new high-tech features for entertainment and safety.

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2 thoughts on “2015 Subaru Outback: Review

  1. We just bought our sixth family Subaru- a 2015 Outback Ltd w/ just about everything you can get on it.

    We (co-)leased a 2015 Impreza a few months ago for our 23YO daughter.

    Our son/D-i-L have a 2010 Impreza they took cross country.

    Also had a 2004 Legacy GT(bought used) that we just retired, a 1999 (25th Anniversary edition) Outback Ltd, and an ’86 Legacy Wagon (bought used).

    We’ve generally loved all of our Subie’s. My wife wanted another Legacy, I wanted the extra cargo space. We test drove a LOT of Subaru’s, including a 2014 Forester that was a Subaru Exec Car. My wife loved the moonroof that went forever.

    But, in the final analysis, the 2015 Outback had the front cabin feel she and I both preferred, and we have great space. We’re planning on keeping this one for 15 years or so.

    She is in love all over again. I’m lucky if I get to drive it. But that’s OK.
    Solid feel is right. We don’t off road, but we do live on the Southern Shore of Lake Ontario in Upstate/Western NY – we get SNOW in abundance.

  2. My wife has never been closer than 20 feet to one but has already made her mind up that’s her next car this year. Unfortunately, I have to agree. I think the in person look just confirms the decision.

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