2015 Subaru Legacy: Review

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A New Legacy
Subaru has seen record sales every year since 2009, and while the Japanese carmaker has always had an offering in the competitive midsize sedan market, the Legacy has not contributed much to those record sales. The folks at Subaru are hoping this new Legacy will change that. Completely new with fresh styling, an updated interior and excellent chassis – not to mention Subaru’s signature Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive – there’s nothing preventing this sixth-generation Legacy from gaining popularity and market share among midsize sedan buyers.

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12 thoughts on “2015 Subaru Legacy: Review

  1. I really think this Subaru 2015 is the best among all. Thanks for a very good write up. You nailed it. All of the necessary details about it are present. I will not allow myself to forget sharing this.

  2. I as well have had to replace windshilds on my 2015 legacy (purchased 9/14). The stock windshild cracked due to tinny debris. Then replaced (at the dealership) with a second windshild that recently suffered the same fate. I have never experienced such a fragile windshild. Coincidence? Doesn’t sound like it. I have found other claims about the outback windshilds aswell.

  3. I now have over 7,000 miles on my 2015 Legacy (bought in March, 2015) – 10 days ago, a windshield crack suddenly appeared. The dealer noticed a little ding just below the passenger-side windshield wiper… “you know those those Michigan roads….!” I’ve never had a non crash-related cracked windshield in my many years of owning cars! Reading other Subaru forums have revealed that this doesn’t seem to be a unique problem for these cars. What’s particular grating is the fact that the replacement windshield for my Legacy is BACK-ORDERED!! That seems a bit strange to me! One more issue that my dealer is NOW aware of – the Blind-Sport Detection (and Lane-Change Assist) VERY periodically (2-3 times a week) is disabled when the car is started; the only way to reset it is to shut the car off and then start it again. Like I said, this is a problem that Subaru is addressing (I’ve been told). Other than these 2 issues, I’m VERY satisfied with my Legacy!!

  4. 2015 Legacy. Spontaneous windshield crack at <2,500 miles. Dealer not helpful at all. SUBARU HAS A CUSTOMER RETENTION PROGRAM – complaint to be filed in morning. To boot replacement glass not currently available due to manufacturing problems!!!

  5. I’ve owned my 2015 Legacy for 13 weeks and have experienced 2 windshield cracks requiring replacement. I live in a metro area and haven’t taken the vehicle off road. Wind/road noise is louder than other cars, but tolerable. Love the design and roominess, but the windshield design needs a thorough review. It seems there is something wrong with the design to allow it to crack so easily. I wonder if the glass is thinner to support eyesight operation.

  6. Bought my first Subaru, a Legacy Limited 2.5i (leather, moonroof, infotainment system w. 7″ screen, blind-spot warning, push-button start, keyless entry/trunk access). handles great, not fast, but fun to drive. Front seats are a little hard – my 55 y.o. wife uses a seat cushion for comfort. OEM speakers sound great. Great view out. Not the quietest car, but acceptable levels of noise. So far we like the car and hope that we can have it for 10 years – we traded in our 10 y.o. Camry XLE (the quietest car we ever owned!!).

  7. I purchased a Legacy Premium 2.5i Limited, Lapus blue, and couldn’t be more satisfied and very pleased. I have had none of the problems cited above. I have about 4500 miles and have gone on several long distance trips.

    My wife really enjoys the comfortable seat and especially the heated seats.

    This my third Subaru (Forester, Empreza before)

  8. I purchased a 2105 Legacy 2.5i Limited 7 months ago. It has 1906 miles on it, been in the shop (Dealership) about 11 times for multiple problems, e.g. gas door, excessive cabin noise, bad battery, inoperable windshield washer, defective window switch (passenger door)and I replaced the windshield that just cracked as I was driving, service department said it had a small ding ? I have 2011 Outback 2.5 limited and it has never had a problem. I really like the 2015 Legacy, however quality control problems and the cabin noise have caused me to lose confidence in it. Red, 2015 Legacy 2.5iLimited for Sale !

    1. I purchased a 2015 Legacy Limited edition in the end of January. Since then, I have replaced the front windshield 4 times. When the windshield breaks it is 6-12 in at a time and does not allow for repair. The crack spreads quickly. The dealer said that this is due to bad luck. Is there anyone else having this issue.

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