2015 BMW X6 M: Review

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While there is no doubt that it the X6 M is all about performance, it also excels in another M hallmark — everyday usability. There’s nothing wrong with having 500-plus horsepower on tap — if you need it — but that doesn’t mean 4-second zero to 60 runs are required at every stoplight. The X6 M is perfectly content to go about everyday tasks in a civilized manner, and then with a squeeze of the throttle easily merge onto a Texas expressway at the posted 80 mph limit. Each driver can tailor the driving experience to their preferences with Comfort, Sport and Sport+ settings for engine response, suspension settings and steering, while the Drivelogic function for the M Steptronic transmission allows the driver to emphasize fuel economy, comfort or sport performance.

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  1. I ordered mine December 28. Finally get it next week! One of best articles written for this event. I should know – I read them all!

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