2015 BMW X6 M: Review

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The 2015 BMW X6 M offers a tremendous level of performance in a unique package. Far from a traditional SUV, it offers sports car capability with a level practicality rarely found in a true sport car. The overall design and combination of attributes will not appeal to everyone. For those who prefer more functionality, the X5 M offers the same performance in a more traditional SUV package. But for some, the X6 M is the perfect way to have your SUV, and race it too. (At the proper venue, of course.)
Rating: 8.5
Bottom Line: Feels like a sports car with SUV capability.
Sports car driving dynamics
Aggressive design
Balanced performance of BMW M
Coupe shape reduces utility
Sport Activity Coupe design not for everyone

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  1. I ordered mine December 28. Finally get it next week! One of best articles written for this event. I should know – I read them all!

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