Rally Racing, American Style

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Driver and Co-Driver Communication
When taking to the course at full speed, the co-driver reads the notes back to the driver with an appropriate lead interval so they can make it through blind corners and tight situations without hesitation. If you’ve ever listened to this exchange, it can be difficult to understand, but Drew (above, left) explained the code. “We have a system where a number 6 is fast, like a 6th gear flat-out corner, all the way down to a 2.” These are read out as a “right-6, right-5, right-5” on down to two, which indicates the direction of the upcoming turn and the speed. “We also have plusses and minuses – a right-4 plus would be slightly faster than a right-4”. Distances between corners are read aloud in meters. Other notes include crests, jumps, rough sections and slippery sections.

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