Powerful Efficiency: 20 Sporty Turbos

© BMW of North America© BMW of North America
2017 MINI Cooper S
Starting MSRP: $25,200
Brexit parliamentary procedure aside, the MINI is pure, cheeky British belligerence at its finest. Sure, they’re built by BMW, but the aura and style are straight out of the UK. Since 2004, S variants have been turbocharged, and the combination of eager boost, a heavy right foot and go-kart handling are easily recognized calling cards of the Cooper S. A 2.0-liter 189-horsepower four is at the heart of the matter, delivering thrills and 25 mpg city / 32 mpg highway / 28 mpg combined fuel economy. With all its sporty attributes, the MINI is one of the more rousing daily drivers on this list.

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