Porsche, Kia Rank Highest in Automotive Quality

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Industry Improvement
After seeing a drop in quality last year, the industry has turned around and J.D. Power reports a 3 percent improvement in initial quality year over year. Porsche led all car companies with an average rating of just 80 PP100, with Kia following with a score of 86 PP100. Jaguar, Hyundai and Infiniti round out the top five manufacturers. While Korean brands led the industry overall, for the first time in 29 years Japanese brands collectively fell below the industry average. In addition to ranking the manufacturers, J.D. Power ranks vehicles in 26 different categories. Here’s a look at the category winners.

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3 thoughts on “Porsche, Kia Rank Highest in Automotive Quality

  1. That Chevy Spark was adorable. – The wonderful photos make me wonder if there are photographers who specialize in taking px of cars for the car companies? The photos are great – one even arranged for a seagull to fly by. Baba M

  2. Way too much attention is paid to this INITIAL QUALITY survey. While it is great that these cars are nicely screwed together, it is the cars that hold up without problems for 200k, even 300K miles that we need to know about.

    My experience is that the vehicles that are the most trouble-free over the long haul are Japanese.

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