Off-Road RVs Ready for Adventure

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CAMI Terra Wind
For campers who have already taken their RVs off pavement climbing mountains or traversing arid deserts, there are always new frontiers to conquer — the open water, for example. With the large and luxurious Terra Wind, there’s no need to tow a boat to the lake for some fun on the water — this entire RV transforms into a boat. Built by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, the CAMI Terra Wind can cruise on land at 80 mph, or on water at 7 knots by employing two 19-inch bronze propellers. To launch, simply drive the big RV into the water at any boat ramp or solid, gently sloping shore. Once in the water, the Terra Wind’s driver puts the standard transmission into neutral and engages the marine transmission. A joystick enables on-water navigation once the propellers spool up.

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