Off-Road RVs Ready for Adventure

Designed to take a family (or crew) of three wherever they might want to go, the KiraVan Expedition System is a Mercedes-Benz Unimog tractor combined with a trailer of Swiss Army versatility. The cab unit has been stretched and reinforced to accommodate a 4-door composite body, a powerful diesel powerplant and an off-road articulating 5th-wheel hitch. The trailer is 52 feet long, including storage for a unique turbodiesel motorbike that gets 100 mpg. The KiraVan carries enough fuel to travel up to 2,000 miles and contains enough provisions for three to live up to three weeks on their own. This KiraVan has two generators, solar panels and battery packs, so plentiful power is always on hand to keep the HVAC operating smoothly — the cabin can be kept comfortable in outside temps ranging from -30 to +130 degrees Fahrenheit.

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