Off-Road RVs Ready for Adventure

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Unicat MXXL
For the ultimate in go-anywhere RVing, there’s the Unicat MXXL. No small RV, the MXXL is almost 40 feet long and weighs in at 57,000 pounds. This special model from Unicat boasts everything the adventurer needs to get away from the civilized world and stay there for a while. To get it where it needs to go, the XXL features 8-wheel drive, massive tires with a central tire inflation system, locking differentials all around, skid plates, Xenon headlights and working lights, a 30,000-pound-capacity hydraulic winch and a 303-gallon fuel tank. There’s even a fueling station for gassing up other vehicles, as well as connections for hydraulic and pneumatic tools.

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