Most Stolen New Cars in America

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America’s Most Wanted — By Car Thieves
Over the last two decades, technological advances in theft prevention and detection have greatly reduced the number of newer vehicles stolen in the U.S. However, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau — which tracks annual theft data — vehicle theft in America rose a full eight percent last year, and the latest 2021 models were not immune from being stolen by car thieves. The NICB says anti-theft technology works, but owner complacency often plays a role in defeating that technology. Thousands of late-model vehicles get stolen each year because drivers don’t take the simple precautions of locking their cars and taking the keys and fobs with them, which makes vulnerable vehicles easy targets for thieves. What follows are the most stolen new cars — a countdown of the new vehicles most popular with car thieves in 2021, as reported by the NICB.

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