Most Satisfying New Cars in the U.S.

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Premium Compact Car — Lexus CT200h
An attractive hatchback with sporty styling, the CT200h happens to be the only model in the Lexus lineup that is exclusively a hybrid. And with a starting price of $32,200, the CT200h is also the least expensive Lexus available. With only 134 horsepower from its gas-electric hybrid powertrain, the CT may not be very quick but it is efficient — rated at 42 mpg in combined city/highway driving.

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  1. As a Car enthusiast I would like to see soon a Lexus SUV to compete with the likes of Honda HRV that is wildly successful. The Best option in my view for Lexus is to upgrade its 200HT to be a at least 8 inches longer and at least eight inches clearance to look and feel like a SUV. It must also come with a Turbo Charged Engine. The present 200HT is very slow in pick up /torque and can only seat dwarfs on back seats. May be Lexus will bring the same Engine into it like that in NX200T SUV. I believe that Honda is a company that produces excellent Engines with better torque than comparable Cars from Toyota or Lexus. Honda
    CRV is ahead of RAV4 any time! That’s why its is a very popular than RAV4 an awefull vehicle in my view.

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