Most Satisfying New Cars in the U.S.

Midsize SUV — Jeep Grand Cherokee
Although most people won’t ever take advantage of its full capability, the Grand Cherokee really shines when the going gets rough. But even if it never leaves the pavement, the iconic SUV remains a comfortable ride with space for five passengers. This classic Jeep is available in a number of trims, including the luxurious Limited or high-performance SRT.

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  1. As a Car enthusiast I would like to see soon a Lexus SUV to compete with the likes of Honda HRV that is wildly successful. The Best option in my view for Lexus is to upgrade its 200HT to be a at least 8 inches longer and at least eight inches clearance to look and feel like a SUV. It must also come with a Turbo Charged Engine. The present 200HT is very slow in pick up /torque and can only seat dwarfs on back seats. May be Lexus will bring the same Engine into it like that in NX200T SUV. I believe that Honda is a company that produces excellent Engines with better torque than comparable Cars from Toyota or Lexus. Honda
    CRV is ahead of RAV4 any time! That’s why its is a very popular than RAV4 an awefull vehicle in my view.

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