Most Popular Luxury Vehicles of 2017

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20. Cadillac Escalade
2017 Sales: 37,694
Vs. 2016: -3.6%
The largest luxury SUV on the U.S. market, the Escalade makes a statement with its massive chrome grille, unique vertical LED lighting that projects through stacked crystal lenses, and 22-inch aluminum wheels. Although Escalade sales were down slightly versus a year ago, the big Caddy sold in higher numbers than all the brand’s passenger cars combined. Carrying its occupants in the utmost comfort, Escalade is available with heated front- and second-row seats, an advanced Bose audio system and an optional Blu-Ray DVD entertainment system. Thanks to triple-sealed doors, acoustic-laminate glass and Bose Active Noise Cancelation technology, the Escalade provides a quiet, solid ride.

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