Most Popular Luxury Cars in America 2015

The Lap of Luxury
Trucks and passenger cars are not the only vehicles making hay in the strong U.S. automotive market, which has been on pace to eclipse 17 million units this year. Luxury cars are pulling in their share of sales as well. Brands such as Lexus, Audi and Acura are seeing double-digit increases vs. the first six months of 2014, with Land Rover leading them all with a 23.4 percent increase thanks to a number of redesigned and new products. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Infiniti and Lincoln are also seeing sales climb — in fact, the only two mainstream luxury brands experiencing a decline in sales vs. last year are Cadillac and Jaguar. Here’s a look at the top-selling luxury vehicles in America through June 2015, compiled from automaker sales reports and

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  1. Reading this makes me realized, there are really a long list of high recognized cars in the market. And suddenly thought I dont even have one. Im working so hard now to save for any of these soon.

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