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The result of a post-war sentiment in the U.S. that grew during the late 1960s through the end of the 20th century, in past decades it was considered un-American to purchase a vehicle from a foreign car company. However, with the increasing globalization of business since the turn of the new millennium that sentiment has slowly diminished. With so many vehicles being produced by so many car companies at so many factories in so many locations around the world, new generations of American car buyers are more concerned about getting the best vehicle rather than considering where it was built. On top of that, defining an American car is not as simple as it used to be. Many import brands are built in the U.S., while many U.S. brands are built outside U.S. borders. (That said, domestically-built vehicles outsold imports almost four to one in 2015.) So for the purposes of this story, we are looking at the most popular American brands sold in the U.S. during 2015, regardless of where the vehicles were built. Numbers compiled from individual auto manufacturers’ sales reports and

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