Most Loved New Cars of 2015

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Tops in Owner Experience
It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why consumers love certain new cars, but over the last 20 years J.D. Power and Associates has developed a formula to determine which vehicles have the most desirable characteristics among new-car purchasers. The automotive research firm calls it the APEAL awards, which stands for Automotive Performance, Execution And Layout. Ratings are based on consumer evaluations of their 2015 model-year vehicles in the first 90 days of ownership across 77 attributes, which are factored into an overall APEAL score. For the 11th year in a row Porsche ranks highest among mainstream automakers, followed by Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. What follows are the most “APEALing” vehicles based on the 2015 study.

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3 thoughts on “Most Loved New Cars of 2015

  1. Kia minivan???? Really??? My Honda Odyssey gave us over 200,000 miles on out 2001 and we should get over 200,000 miles on our 2012. Kia makes junk, no matter how much people THINK they like it for the first month, they will NOT be happy when the repairs start adding up in a couple of years. These JD Powers studies seem very slanted. (Read- they say what they are paid to say.) You want to publish a list of GOOD cars? Give these surveys to people who have owned their vehicles for 5 to 10 years and see what people like!

    1. Yes, a Kia Sedona does belong on here. I had a 2007 that had 2oo,ooo miles on it and was still going strong until someone hit me and totaled it out. Regular upkeep maintenance was done on it and was never in the shop for a break-down. I purchased a 2014 kia Sedona after the other one was totaled. Never been happier. Friend of the family owns a large shop and he says that he rarely sees a kia sedona in his shop except to change the oil and other regular maintenance.

  2. The Dodge challenger picture is a challenger HELLCAT, but the information says RT scat pack. Scat pack doesn’t have brembo brakes. The Picture looks great.

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