Most Iconic TV Cars of the 1960s and 1970s

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Lincoln Futura Batmobile “Batman” (1966–1968)
Legend has it that well-known California car customizer George Barris had only three weeks to come up with a vehicle for “Batman.” According to personal accounts, Barris repurposed a Lincoln Futura concept car — which he had purchased for $1 — into the foundation for the Batmobile. The reason this car captured the hearts of show fans and automotive buffs alike is its batlike looks at every angle — from batwing fins both front and rear to a formidable batlike face when viewed from the front. The car also sports a cockpit-like canopy reminiscent of another flying object, right down to its bat-logo mag wheels. The Batmobile possessed so much of the show’s essence (and cool gadgetry kids love) that eventually viewers considered it a character in the series.

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