Most Fuel-Efficient Pickups

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Efficient Haulers
American truck buyers look for vehicles that can multitask with ease — from towing trailers to carting kids to soccer practice; from hauling dirt to moving friends to new digs; from negotiating muddy job sites to finding remote campsites — and myriad tasks in between. Traditionally, fuel economy has not been high on a truck shopper’s list, mainly because a fuel-efficient truck wasn’t an option. But as more truckmakers focus on efficiency through weight savings and fuel-efficient engines, Americans have better choices for improved mileage among pickups — and who doesn’t like saving fuel and money whenever possible? Here are the most fuel-efficient pickups by brand available on U.S. roads today, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency fuel-economy ratings.

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2 thoughts on “Most Fuel-Efficient Pickups

  1. I bought a brand new 2015 Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner 4cyl,The sticker shows 19 city 21 24 hwy. What a joke!!! It gets 14-15city and 17 combined! Ouch!! When bringing it to Toyota they did a Fuel Consumption Test! What a Laugh!!! They came back and told me it was getting 24 mpg combined? Higher than the 21 combined sticker?? What a miracle! Funny they would not do another test with me present and Toyota stands behind them! My previous 2007 Tacoma 4×4 V6 got better mileage than this 4cyl!

    This Sucks!

  2. Who is the lying piece of crap that says the Tundra gets 15 city -19 highway – 16 combined mpg??
    I have yet to see better than 12.4 highway mpg from my 2016 Tundra with the 4.6 engine.
    I wish I still had my 2001 GMC I traded in. The Tundra has more interior rattles now than the 15 year old GMC Sierra did.
    I would not recommend the Toyota Tundra to anyone.

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